Made in the USA

There is no better time to celebrate our company’s roots than the week of Independence Day. Trans International is proud to declare that all services we provide are performed right here in Menomonee Falls, WI.  We are 100% “Made in the USA”.  Land of the free?  Yes, a land free of overcharges on shipments!

For over three decades TI has proved to our clients that through any perilous fight, through thick and thin, our metaphorical flag will still be there.  We are dedicated to serving our ever growing list of clients.

Trans International is the perfect example of the American dream.  Founded with one client in 1975 by Thomas Schmitt, Trans International has made much progress and has seen many changes since that first invoice passed through the that first office, in a spare back room of a local freight company.  From post auditing paper bills, we have grown to electronically process, audit and pay more than 4 Million invoices per year representing over $1 Billion in freight spend.  TI has stayed in the family, currently owned and operated by Schmitt’s own daughters Jaime Syring and Denise Lawien.

Oh, say can you see what our operation could mean for your business?  We work locally, with global effect.

1.  Rather than exporting our workload, means we do everything all in one place reducing process confusion and communication issues.  We are able to provide 80 full time jobs with benefits to our neighborhood.

2.  Doing all of our business in one place gives your business a customized experience.  We understand that not all businesses function in the same way so we have made ourselves versatile and flexible to meet your needs.  This customized offering will save your business time and money.

3.  We are able to work as efficiently as possible and are completely available to work around our clients’ schedules.

4.  Although we are a southeast Wisconsin business, that doesn’t stop us from working with businesses from around the globe, from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies.  Being centralized and in one location allows for effective, efficient communication with our clients.

The bottom line: our “Made in the USA” stamp not only saves you time and money but does that through a process unique to your business created by you and your personal client services representative.  We do our business locally so that you can expand your business, one shipment at a time.

We are proud to be from the “home of the brave”.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

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