WBENC Certification: Community and Opportunity

Fresh from attending and participating in the 2013 WBENC National Conference and Business Fair, it is difficult to deny just how proud we are of being a part of the successful Women-Owned Business community.

In many recent online discussions there has been frequent mention that women are a growing part of the supply chain and logistics/transportation industries; we believe this to be true. At Trans International, we believe in progressively diversifying the supply chain management industry to effectively represent the demographic of our supply chain community.

A Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) is an independent business at least 51% owned and operated by 1 or more women. In our case we are 100% women-owned, a relatively new development. Started in 1975 by Thomas Schmitt, Trans International became a qualified WBE in 2007 when Schmitt’s daughters Jaime Syring and Denise Lawien bought the company from their father. Syring and Lawien began running the company without skipping a beat, stepping in as CEO and COO.

Trans International is a Johnson Controls Mentored Diversity Supplier. Johnson Controls urged TI to begin the process of applying for WBENC Certification with the goal of positioning the business for the next generation of growth and innovation. Since earning certification, TI has worked closely with Shelly Brown, Supplier Diversity Manager, on supply chain and supplier diversity best practices.

Being a WBENC Certified WBE is highly beneficial and advantageous for both the WBE itself and current or prospective clients. According to the official WBENC website certified businesses are able to use their WBENC credentials to “gain access to WBENC Corporate members, as well as a number of federal, state, and local government agencies. In addition, WBENC certified WBEs also gain access to over 10,000 other WBENC certified WBEs in order to purchase products or services and partner on joint venture opportunities”. This certification creates business opportunities and benefits both TI and our clients.

Being a WBENC Certified business also means that business with Trans International can qualify as diversity spend for clients who have government contracts and for companies with diversity spend goals. If your business has diversity spend requirements and you work with us, you can check that off your corporate “To Do” list. As a WBE, we have you covered.

WBENC Certification is a privilege that is much sought after and not easily attained. Be sure to look for the WBENC stamp of approval on the websites of certified businesses to assure authenticity. You can see the WBENC Certification logo in action on our website’s homepage.

Becoming a WBENC Certified WBE has made a huge difference in our business endeavors. We are proud to be a part of the WBE community that WBENC has created and to use those privileges to do great business.

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