Sharing the Road

At some point in time we have all had to deal with sharing the road with semi-trucks, and it isn’t always easy.  And playing pickle in the middle with two huge semis isn’t the most pleasant experience either. Drivers often feel inconvenienced by semi-trucks on the road, but they serve as a necessity to any supply chain.

Truck drivers don’t have it all that easy.  As passenger vehicles get more and more frustrated/skittish around large trucks they often put themselves in harm’s way when trying to get in front of or out of the way of becoming flat as a pancake.  It is then the truck driver’s job to accommodate the somewhat chancy driving of passenger vehicles, which is no easy feat as an 18 wheeler with a full trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. There are a lot of things that the average person may not know about semi-trucks and this is why passenger vehicles must make it a priority to share the road.  The car is not king.  We must work together to make the road safer for ourselves and truck-drivers by becoming more educated in safe driving etiquette.

Thanks to an info graphic by, here are “10 Tips for Sharing the Road with Trucks”.

Each and every one of these tips is easy to remember and simple to execute and could serve as a life-saver for you or someone else you are sharing the road with.  Drivers need to start thinking proactively about sharing the road with truck drivers.  They get our goods from Point A to Point B and should get the respect on the road that they deserve, and you can help.

Trans International has a unique perspective on trucks and the transportation industry as a whole because keeping freight moving is such a large part of what we do. We work with carriers of all kinds; with around 35,000 carriers in our database we have seen it all.  We see more than just a semi.   We see professional drivers moving the economy forward as efficiently and safely as possible. Whether the freight is refrigerated or dry, LTL or TL, closed van or flatbed, that freight has a destination and your safe driving will help it get where it needs to go and ensure that you and the truck driver get home safely.

Drive safe, drive smart.  Share the road.

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