Supply Chainging: Readying for Supply Chain Evolution

“Supply Chainging” (no, not a typo):

Definition: noun

– the act of evolving your supply chain system to work with the times and industry       improvements.

If your supply chain business is planning on going anywhere other than down in flames, evolution is key. It’s a no-brainer that the supply chains of today are hardly recognizable in comparison to that of the supply chains of 50 years ago. Iinnovation plays a big part in supply chain evolution. In order to be the best of the best, your business must work with evolution to be the most efficient and cost effective, meaning that your processes must constantly evolve to stay ahead of the competition.

So what exactly does Supply Chainge entail? There are many factors to consider. New technology, global expansion, industry competition, and customer needs are all factors that are necessary to consider when evolving your supply chain system. Supply Chain evolution is a frequent topic of conversation as of late, Multichannel Merchant recently published an article about the evolution of the supply chain in the e-commerce age. New technology is a major factor in the changing of our supply chains, from both a business and customer standpoint.

There are certain moves your business can make to help your Supply Chainge go smoothly. Partnering with Trans International is one of them.

As stated on our website “Trans International will help you succeed by analyzing rate agreements and contracts for applicability, clarity and conformity with federal regulations. We research rail and motor classifications for current items applicable to various commodities.” We work to take you to the top of your potential and beyond.

Trans International is well-versed in supply chainging. At our beginnings, we offered post-audit services (evaluating a capital budgeting decision after implementation) but transitioned to pre-audit services (auditing a freight invoice before payment has been made) as the industry called for it. The business itself has evolved and grown as well. We have grown to become a successful Women-Owned Women’s Business Enterprise and the home of Freight Audit & Information Reporting (FAIR) customized solutions. We plan to evolve with the times to stay up to date in order to assist your company in the most effective way possible.

Supply Chainging is an ongoing process and much like Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, only the strongest and most adaptable will survive. Is your business ready for Supply Chainge?

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