Hop in, buckle up, and start your engines, we want to set off on the road to show you life in the Trans International FAIR lane.

Trans International is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise that specializes in Freight Audit and Information Reporting, or, FAIR. While our business services reach across the globe, we keep our work local, giving our big business ideas a personalized, small business feel for our clients. We take the commitment to service, quality, and integrity in everything very seriously because we know that is something that your business deserves.

Along with our commitment to service, quality, and integrity, Trans International also has a commitment to family and loyalty. Thomas Schmitt founded TI in 1975, originally offering post audit services of freight and transportation bills and expenses. In 2007, Jaime Syring and Denise Lawien, the daughters of Thomas Schmitt, purchased Trans International, respectively becoming President and Vice President of the company.

While we offered post audit services at our beginning, we have changed and expanded our services with the needs of the industry. Our core services now include Domestic and International Freight Bill Audit, safe and secure Carrier Payment Options, Digital Freight Bill Imaging and Storage, Logistics Consulting, Business Intelligence Reporting, Data Collection and Mining, and Loss and Damage Claims Handling. Be sure to check out our website for more information.

Since the first freight bill passed through our office in 1975 it has been our philosophy to provide our clients with complete transparency to their freight costs and absolute visibility to the processes here at TI. We strive to give you the best cost-saving, customized freight payment and information reporting available. Our first client who started with us in 1975 is still with us today. Trans International is all about long-term customer relationships. We are proud to take the wheel and steer your business in the right direction when it comes to freight audit.

We are happy to have you along for the ride and are excited to share the life in Trans International’s FAIR lane.

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