Introducing Trans International Freight Service

Trans International is pleased to announce the formation of our new company: Trans International Freight Service.Trans international Freight Service

What is it?

  • Any Size Shipping – As separate and distinct company, Trans International Freight Service will allow you to contact a trusted transportation resource to arrange shipment of any size within the continental United States.
  • Custom Arrangement – TI Freight Service will do the work of finding the right transportation mode, equipment type and service level to meet your needs.
  • Simplified Costs – Our pricing model is straightforward; we’ll show you the actual cost of the entire shipment including fuel and accessorial charges. Plus a single line for our services based on the actual time spent arranging transportation for you. No unknown markups. No price gouging.

What if I’m already a TI client?

If you’re an existing freight bill audit client of Trans International looking to work with TI Freight Service, we can identify recurring moves and establish pricing. Then, TI Freight Service will make sure the proper carrier and pricing is in place and if you wish, you can manage that particular move going forward, with no additional charge from TI Freight Service.

Our experience is your benefit.

With most carriers requiring substantial cost increases due to driver and equipment shortages, it’s important you work with a company that has had an eye on transportation costs for decades. With Trans International’s extensive transportation history, you can trust that TI Freight Service is committed to providing the most affordable, straightforward logistics offering in the industry.

Questions? Ready to book your first shipment? Give us a call.

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